About «Soul-trans» LLC

“Soul-trans” LLC is Russian forwarding company which operates with air, road and ocean cargo carriages.

Our key specialization is delivery of goods together with related services.

We provide our clients with optimal logistic route and customs clearance of their goods, taking into account the specific cargo characteristics, reasonable budget and required transit time. «Soul-trans» represent interests of our clients at all the stages of transportation and customs clearance process.

In our everyday work we arrange carriage of cargoes between European, American, Asian countries and Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus.

Our network of agents is represented mainly in these countries:
Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Denmark, Israel, India, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, UAE, Peru, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, USA, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkey, Philippines, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Estonia, South Korea, Japan, Russia.

The key benefits due to which clients of “Soul-trans” LLC continue cooperation with us are:

1. We know precisely Russian market and customs law and are able to advice right solution on requested task.
2. We offer service package – cargo carriage and customs clearance, that is why it is convenient and economic.
3. We cooperate with direct airline and shipping line agents, reliable carriers listed as IATA and FIATA members, that is why “Soul-trans” exclude undue links in the chain and save time for quick communication, offer competitive rates.
4. We guarantee safe and care of your commodity, that is stated in our Freight Forwarding Services Agreement.
5. We follow the rule “transport doesn’t sleep” – this means that our specialists provide current informing and ask your requests within the shortest time. We do believe that time is the most important source in your and our business.

If you have any offer please contact us by this e-mail: mail@soultrans.ru
Our specialists will respond you within 1 working day.

«Soul-trans» LLC is open for cooperation with customs brokers, carriers, exporters and importers in different countries.

«Soul-trans» offers quick and professional possibility to understand all the nuances of transport logistics, we are ready to turn the complicated procedure of delivery in a simple and integral part of your business!

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